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Easy Backups for ArcGIS  Online 


Automated or on-demand backups of ArcGIS Online data, maps, and apps


CivicLens provides an affordable and reliable backup solution, ensuring minimal disruption in the event of accidental deletion or faulty edits to feature services, maps, apps, files, and more. The process also generates a list of feature services not used in any web maps and a list of web maps with no valid layers to reduce clutter in your org.

Backups are available as a fully managed service or desktop application (Windows/MacOS). Each backup includes an item inventory with name, type, sharing, summary, description, number of views, create/modify date, service URL, and completeness score.

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Managed Service

  • 100% cloud-based

  • Backup interval, retention period, and archive lifecycle customized for your specific needs

  • You can choose to back up your entire organization or only items you specify with tags.​

  • Backups are stored in a secure, dedicated Amazon S3 bucket

  • Direct access to your backups 24/7/365

  • Consumes no credits

  • Includes unlimited support for one user

Starting at $500 per year (includes Desktop Applications shown below at no additional cost)

Special pricing available for non-profit organizations (excluding higher education)

Desktop Application

  • Runs locally as a standalone application on Windows or MacOS - nothing to install

  • Fully signed and certificated (recognized by operating system as safe)

  • One-time purchase - no recurring costs

  • Includes an Admin Version for access to all items and a User Version that allows users to back up their own items.

  • One-click web map restore from JSON backup

  • Option to add/remove delete protection for included items

  • Backups can be filtered by user, tag, group, or folder

  • Unlimited US-based support for one administrator for 90 days.

$350 for unlimited users (no maintenance costs)


*FREE for non-profit organizations