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Backup Utility for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS

A reliable, simple-to-use, and secure Windows desktop application for scheduled or on-demand backups of your data, maps, apps, and files
Current version: 4.2.9


$1,000 per connection, perpetual license*
Easy implementation and configuration
Trusted by organizations of every size
Unlimited machines/users/items

*$500/year optional annual maintenance (unlimited support/software updates) available starting in Year 2 (first year maintenance included with license)

Easy - Reliable - Secure

The Backup Utility for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS is the easy, reliable way to back up your hosted items — simply download and run, without the need to configure and manage third-party software. Backups can be performed on-demand or set as scheduled tasks, with options for full or differential backups and group/folder/tag-based item selection.

Backups can be stored locally or automatically uploaded to Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive, and are accompanied by an item inventory that includes dependencies, showing which web maps use a particular feature service, which services are used by a particular web map, and relationships between web maps and associated web apps/dashboards.


Easy configuration - just download and run, or set as a task on Windows Task Scheduler

Perpetual license includes unlimited users/machines

Runs on your infrastructure with no third-party access to your credentials or data

Standalone application - nothing to install​​

Feature services backed up as file geodatabase, with domains, attachments, and related tables

Tile layers backed up as tile package/vector tile package

Web maps and apps backed up as JSON

Survey123 forms backed up with all associated files and folders

Full or Differential backup options

Backups filterable by tag, group, folder, or date of last edit

Output can be sorted by item owner or owner/folder

Backups include item inventory with item dependencies, owner, sharing, tags, summary/description, spatial reference, and creation/modified dates.

User version included that allows non-admins to back up/archive their own items


Backed up as file geodatabase, with attachments, domains, and related tables


Backed up as JSON (with item resources for Story Maps and Experience Builder apps)


Backed up with all associated files (XLSForm, media, JSON, etc.)


FGDB, SHP, PPKX, MPK, MMPK, TPK, docs, images, and more


Inventory with  dependencies, dates, view counts,  descriptions, tags, and spatial reference

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